Expressions Therapy offers a wide array of therapeutic modalities for individuals, groups, and couples. We are a Queer practice that seeks to create a brave space for members of traditionally marginalized communities, such as the LGBTQIAP+ community, BIPOC, Kink Community, Polyamorous Community, and individuals dealing with chronic health conditions and trauma. 

Our approach is eclectic and flexible, founded in empathy and curiosity, where your unique needs and goals are centered. We are a practice that understands that support is vital even outside of prescribed session times, and while healthy boundaries are established and respected, so is an atmosphere of support and radical acceptance. 

Anxiety and trauma can live in our bodies. Together, we will create a relationship that fosters dynamic and lasting growth, tapping into undiscovered reserves of resiliency that will allow you to navigate through the traumas of the past and build a more hopeful future.

Bold Expressions Therapy

Our areas of speciality and interest include: